First attempt at making Chai Masala at home

India has taught me many things in just a few days – from being more relaxed and open-minded, to approaching subjects for my pictures with a big smile on my face and even more importantly: to drink as much chai masala tea during the day as possible!

We stopped counting how many shots of hot, sweet and spicy tea we had during our trip – but we all know that we needed our daily fix to keep going. So I searched for and tried different Chai Masala recipes.

Chai Masala

For me, the best one is actually from Tanvi’s blog. I followed her suggestions to create a mix of chai masala and then boil it together with milk and water for 20-30 minutes.

To make my chai masala I mixed 30g black pepper, 25g ginger powder, 10g cinnamon, 10g cardamom and a tiny tablespoon of nutmeg together. Tanvi also uses clove powder, but I did not have any at home. I put all ingredients into a grinder and once it was very coarse, the mix was ready.

I put 100ml water and 100ml whole fat milk into a saucepan and added 2 tablespoons of loose tea leaves plus 1/2 tablespoon of chai masala mix. I kept stirring the mixture over high heat, until the milk came to a boil.

Chai Masala Tea 1

I turned down the heat and kept stirring for 10 minutes. Once the mixture got thicker I tasted it and added a 1/2 tablespoon of sugar (you might want to add more if you like your tea sweeter). I strained the tea and it was ready to drink.

Chai Masala Tea 2


3 responses to “First attempt at making Chai Masala at home

  1. Incidentally I just wrote about masala chai today :-) Have you tried it at Teakha in Sheung Wan. It’s fantastic. Yours looks very good too. I must try adding nutmeg to mine next time.

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