No real news: Hong Kong is expensive

A recent survey found out that Hong Kong is the eight most expensive city in Asia for an expatriate worker to live in… I’m not surprised about this. Rent is extremely high here and you can spend a fortune on eating out at restaurants.

In the past, Singapore was more expensive but it seems that Hong Kong has overtaken the city of the merlion. That’s partly because of Hong Kong’s Dollar being pegged to the US Dollar, but partly also because life here can be very expensive.

HK Impressions Skyline Victoria Harbour July 2012 with small boat

Out of 400 cities that have been surveyed, Hong Kong comes in on 28th place – if the survey (more details here) would take rent into account, Hong Kong would probably be in the top 5!

If you are more interested in the cost of living in Hong Kong, head over to Niall’s blog, where he posted about the costs of living here for seven weeks. He spent 342 USD which is 2,651 HKD per week – and that’s really cheap!

A few other bloggers offered their tips and thoughts, and as you can see, some things (public transport, water, education) are cheap while others (rent, electricity in summer months, buying Western food) are more expensive.

Here and here are more cost breakdowns of living in Hong Kong.

What are your thoughts, is Hong Kong more expensive than Singapore? Does it deserve the 8th place in Asia (after Bejing, Tokyo etc.) rightly? Let me know.


One response to “No real news: Hong Kong is expensive

  1. Hmm.. I think it really comes down to your lifestyle choices. Yes, the cost of living is astronomical, but you can easily balance that out by being mindful of your other expenses. Water and gas are also very cheap in comparison to back home. Same with Hong Kong taxes. You can definitely get hit hard with going out though – spending a fortune on dinner and drinks in Central, shopping, etc.
    However, there are many ways to go out and save – there are Super Mondays at many restaurants that offer buy one get one free meals, happy hour is great here, there are many art exhibits and festivals that are free of charge, Groupon can be a big money saver, and the new app called Entertainer where you can get buy one get one on many services around HK.
    If you actually take the time to try and save money around the city, living in HK can be very reasonable (so long as you’re okay with living in a shoebox ;)).

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