Photography: Movement in Kowloon

So after taking the Star Ferry I was back on the Kowloon side… and that’s where I met Gary from F8 Photography to continue with my photography lessons. I’ve learnt so much during my trip to India, but there were a couple of things that I wanted to ask him and practice.

One of the items on my to do list was movement – trying to capture speed. I only managed to take one movement shot in India that I was pleased with, but that was mere luck than knowledge.

So we walked around TST and Gary explained different camera settings and shutter speed to me – and of course, then I had to practice with live objects.

In the beginning, I picked the easy route – using Gary as the static element and just waiting for passersby.

Photography Movement 1

That was fairly easy. The next task already involved strangers – and there were so many of them. So Gary asked me to pick girls handing out flyers, as they would be fairly static and then everybody else would just move around them. Sounds easy, but the challenge actually as to manage the right level of noise, not too many people but enough movement to make the shot interesting.

Photography Movement 2

Gary thinks that this could have been a great job, but I’m not yet convinced, I need to practice more.

For me, the picture below works better – there is not too much noise but still enough characters and a story between the two men having a break, the person on the phone, who is smoking, and the men walking through the shot.

Photography Movement 3

With the final photo I cheated a little – I could not find a subject looking at me, so I used the advertisement of a optician, showing a nice model wearing glasses. She looks at me, while everyone else is busy, walking along the road.

Photography Movement 4

Not the greatest shots so far, but now I understand my camera settings and shutter speed better and just need to put it into practice!

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