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Review: High Street Grill

Every day restaurants open and close in Hong Kong – it’s difficult to keep track what has just been opened, has been around for a while (let’s say 12-18 months) and is soon going to close. I never aim to try all the ‘new’ places, when I pick and choose where to eat it’s often related to which area I’m currently in or who I’m planning to meet.

So while I was strolling around Sai Ying Pun, I had a quick lunch at the wonderful Taco Chaca on Second Street and then met up with Patrick later in the afternoon. He had not eaten much on that day and wanted to go for a late breakfast. So we walked up Central Street until we reached High Street, where there are many new restaurants including the High Street Grill.

The restaurant occupies a big space and has a lovely open seating area, they can open all the front windows so that you feel like you are sitting outside. We picked one of those seats, where we could overlook the street but also enjoy the smell of fresh coffee and baked goods, as we were close to the bakery counter.

High Street Grill 1

The service was attentive – the first waiter checked that breakfast was still being served while the second one took our drink order. The coffee and water came, then we ordered our late brunch – the Full Works (2 eggs, mushrooms, steak, 2 sausages, bacon, rocket, tomato, hash browns for 125 HKD) for Patrick and buttermilk crepes for me.

High Street Grill 2

The menu had said that my crepes would come with citrus compote (55HKD), but they only had berries. Shame no one told me about this earlier, but it was still a nice fruit compote. The crepes were a little heavy, more like pancakes, but still tasty.

High Street Grill 3

Patrick’s breakfast was good – but only after adding some mustard (the waiter came with French and English mustard in a big jar and gave Patrick a spoon each). It was better than the coffee, somehow there was too much foam and not enough espresso to give us a kick. Anyway, it was a nice brunch – not too busy (it was late in the afternoon) and very attentive service.

High Street Grill 4

Will I go there again? Yes, if I’m in the area. It’s not something that I would go all the way out for, but if I’m in Sai Ying Pun and fancy some nice Western breakfast then the High Street Grill is definitely an option.

High Street Grill
Shop 4& 5 on G/F, Hang Sing Mansion, 48/78 High Street, Sai Ying Pun
Telephone: 2559 2638


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