2013 – top posts

With the new year just a few hours old (Happy New Year everyone!), I thought it would be fun to do a post on what was best read on bluebalu: living in Hong Kong in 2013 (and in case you are interested, here are the 2012 and 2011 versions).

Let’s start at the bottom of the top 10. In tenth place is my suggestions about what to do on a rainy day on Hong Kong Island. I had written a similar post about what to do on a rainy day in Kowloon, but surprisingly that post did not even make it in the top 50.

quintessentially HK 3 - raining day in Wan Chai

In ninth place is an overview of the Oktoberfest activities in Hong Kong in 2013. I noticed that this kind of post, together with some information about German food and beer in Hong Kong always is popular – and quite interestingly, almost all year round!

Oktoberfest 2012 empty glasses

Eight place goes to a hairdresser in Sheung Wan – it still is my favourite place to get my hair cut and sometimes coloured, and I still recommend it!

Friseur in Sheung Wan 1

Not surprisingly, in seventh place is a post about hiking from Shek Pik to Tai O on Lantau Island. It shares this spot with my related blog post about the Infinity Pool (the hidden secret) close to Tai O.

Shek Pik to Tai O Lantau Hike Hong Kong 3

My comparison between living in Discovery Bay and on Hong Kong Island, which I wrote only after living the first months on Discovery Bay, is also going strong. It is still valid and I’m still very happy to be living in a quieter, more spacious part of Hong Kong.

Mui Wo 10 view over Discovery Bay

We continue with a hiking post – this time at night. My suggestions of favourite night hikes on Hong Kong Island is in fifth place. It stirred quite some discussion, several bloggers asked me why I would even consider hiking at night time and whether it is safe. It is very safe, a great fun activity combining healthy exercise (at a quieter, cooler time of the day) with some nice socialising (by organising or joining hikes of the Hong Kong Hiking MeetUp group).

Night Hike to the Peak 2

Milk tea. A classic staple of Hong Kong diet. It is not Chinese. It is not British. It is truly Hong Kong style. Strong Ceylon tea meets thick evaporated milk. It is strong, it is good and can be drunk hot or cold, morning or evening. It is not for the faint-hearted or diet-minded, as it contains lots of teein and calories from the milk.

Good morning tea

I’ve been hiking a lot this summer (not so much in winter, I’m currently hibernating) and posted about some of my favourite hikes. No wonder that hiking entries are in the third and second top most read blog posts in 2013:

In third place: my post about Wilson Trail Stage 1, which is also known as “The Twins”. This hike runs from Stanley to Parkview and is one of the most popular hikes in Hong Kong (probably only second to the Dragon’s Back).

Wilson Trail 1-3

In second place, the hike from Mui Wo to Discovery Bay (or vice versa). This is my easy Sunday afternoon hike. It starts so close to my flat that I don’t have an excuse not to go on this hike, especially as Mui Wo has such a great Turkish restaurant close to the ferry pier, at which my hikes often end or start.

3 DB to Mui Wo Hike - Mui Wo

Finally, the top post for 2013 is a list of best spas in Hong Kong – quite interestingly my 2012 version is the most read version, but my updated 2013 version is catching up quickly!


Now tell me what was your absolute favourite? And what do you want to see more of in 2014?

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