Recent art exhibitions in Central

Here is a summary of a couple of galleries I visited around Christmas time. First up, the EC Gallery on 72a Hollywood Road.

The artwork that I liked best there is by a local artist called Otto Li.

He recorded sounds in Wan Chai and then printed the sound waves on acrylic glass, resembling the skyline of Hong Kong. Isn’t that clever and unique?

EC Gallery Otto Li 1

EC Gallery Otto Li 2

Next up, the Karin Weber Gallery on 20 Aberdeen Street, which shows the Andrea Bender exhibition “Alice and friends” until January 11.

Karin Weber Gallery Andrea Bender 1

Karin Weber Gallery Andrea Bender 2

Karin Weber Gallery Andrea Bender 3

The paintings by Andrea Bender contain much sarcasm and irony. According to the official press release, the “baroque settings are filled with strangely androgynous and distorted creatures”.

The Blindspot Gallery (24-26a Aberdeen Street) featured an exhibition by David Boyce that was called “From the Shoulders of Giants”. This was a series of self-portraits created from a combination of images, paintings and projections. He overlayed famous paintings, e.g. Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait on his own face.

Blindspot Gallery From the Shoulder of Giants

This was a very sombre, scaring looking exhibition – unfortunately you can’t see it for yourself, as it closed already on December 22.

Have you been to any exhibitions in Hong Kong lately that you would recommend to me? Let me know, I’m curious!


4 responses to “Recent art exhibitions in Central

    • Haha – so funny, I preferred the first one. Tastes really are different :) I’m keen to see your pics from the Biennale, once you’ve made it there!

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