Review: Cafe Deadend

While strolling through Sheung Wan I was looking for a place to have a coffee or tea break. Unfortunately Teakha was far too busy and Cafe Loisl looked closed (it says on their Facebook page that they are renovating, but that was already back in October 2013, so not sure what’s happening there). I remembered walking past Cafe Deadend a while ago, so I decided to give it a try.

Located—as its name suggests—at the dead end of Po Hing Fong, the surrounding neighbourhood is quiet, pleasant and peaceful. The small cafe has a few tables inside and outside. There was a short queue and I was glad we waited patiently – the food and drinks are very good. We managed to grab an outdoor seat in the sun in a quiet corner in Sheung Wan. Bliss.

Deadend Cafe Sheung Wan 1

The orders are placed inside and the menu is short but with lots of interesting dishes. We decided to try the BLT sandwich with egg first, before diving into the sweets. The sandwich is freshly made and very tasty, with a hot runny sunny side up egg. The tastes go well together – although it is slightly difficult to eat the big sandwich with a plastic fork and knife, so we asked if we could switch to proper cutlery to enjoy our meal. Normally, they can only provide you with plastic cutlery, but if you ask nicely, they will bring you proper cutlery as long as you return it later. For a big sandwich, this is a wise choice!

Deadend Cafe Sheung Wan 3

For dessert we shared the warm chestnut cake with dark chocolate sorbet & pear. The waitress advised us to start with the chestnut cake first, as the flavour is much more mellow and the sorbet could be overpowering. Good tip! We enjoyed the first bites of pure chestnut cake and then tasted the sorbet later – what a nice, refreshing balance. I never tried chocolate and pear together, it is fantastic. Bitter dark chocolate with sweat and sharp pear – yummy!

Deadend Cafe Sheung Wan 4

We also tried their interpretation of an apple tart with vanilla ice cream, roasted almonds and caramel sauce – it was very tasty.  A nice mix of hot tart and cold ice cream, a perfect way to end a nice coffee break. And yes, talking about coffee, the americano was good quality.

Deadend Cafe Sheung Wan 2

Will I go there again? Yes,
I loved the food (how convenient that Po’s Atelier is next door, where you can buy great baked goods) and the outdoor space. The coffee was good too! Only downsides for me are the fact that Cafe Deadend is a little out of my way to go there regularly and that it is a little pricey… so maybe it’s good that it’s not that close to my office or flat!

Cafe Deadend
G/F, 72 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan
Telephone: 6716 7005


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