Macau: Mandarin’s House (again)

I have been here before – in fact several times.

Macau Mandarin's House 2013-1

This is my favourite attraction in Macau. I love its history, the clever mix of Western and Eastern architecture and just the calm atmosphere that surrounds this old house. It is visited by tourists, but not by large groups (at least I’ve never noticed more than 20 people in the complex when I visited the house) so you can stroll around and take your time.

Macau Mandarin's House 2013-2

Macau Mandarin's House 2013-5

The Mandarin’s House is very large, the entire complex has more than 60 rooms in total. It has been beautifully restored to its former glory and reopened in 2010. The architecture is fascinating – European pillars, Asian blinds and windows, a wooden frieze, stone floors and wooden room dividers.

Macau Mandarin's House 2013-6

Macau Mandarin's House 2013-7

Last time, I visited, was in December 2012. Back then they started building a huge and modern-looking building next door. Here is a picture how it looked last year:

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-8 View across

And now it is almost finished:

Macau Mandarin's House 2013-3

Macau Mandarin's House 2013-4

I don’t know if this will be a residential house or another museum, but I can’t understand how anyone can allow such a huge modern building next to this beautiful classic Mandarin’s House?

Macau Mandarin's House 2013-8 new house next door

Back in the late 19th Century, when the Mandarin’s house was built, its residents had a view over the sea. That’s now unbelievable!

Mandarin’s House
No. 10, Travessa de António da Silva, Macau
Days: Open every day, except on Wednesday
Hours: 10am-6pm (last admittance 5.30pm)
No entrance fee


1 thought on “Macau: Mandarin’s House (again)”

  1. I’ve visited Macau so many times but never even heard of this place. I must go next time, it’s beautiful! And yes that new building next to it looks horrendous.

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