Photography: Playing with the Sony A7

It took me almost a year to get to grips with my Olympus OMD EM-5, which is one of the smallest, lightest and fastest cameras out there. It is a micro 4/3, so it’s not full frame and I know that it has several short comings (don’t get me started on the electronic viewfinder and it’s lack of sharpness) but I finally figured out how to take pictures in harsh lighting, low lighting (without flash) and practiced capturing movement…

… and now Patrick brought the Sony A7 home. A newer camera, which is full-frame, comes with quick auto-focus lenses and is also easy to use with manual lenses, due to its zoom capability. It’s small, it’s fast and now I’m playing with it to figure out if I should switch over or not. My friend Monica, who is a long-time hardcore Nikon fan hated the OMD EM-5 but is now an almost-converted A7 fan. She’s taken some great pictures during her recent trip to Gili Air.

But back to me now. I’ve had this new Sony A7 for a few weeks now.

With Sony A7

I did not take it travelling, the recent Macau pictures have been shot with my beloved OMD. But I have been out and about taking some pictures with the new toy (the posts yesterday about the balloon girl and the day before, about the flower market, featured Sony A7 pics, mainly taken with the 55cm auto-focus lens).

Here are a couple more shots that I’ve taken with the A7 while walking around Causeway Bay. I’m particularly amazed with the low-light capability, the pictures show at night look good, without too much grain/noise.

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People in Causeway Bay 1

Hungry for a street food snack? Nice and hot? Do you prefer it smelly? Or spicy? Or do you just want to have a fresh fruit juice?

People in Causeway Bay 2

A little kid, who is telling his mum a story…

People in Causeway Bay 3

… and finally young people listening to a street band performing, some taking pictures and others just enjoying the music.

People in Causeway Bay 4

So far so good, let’s see how the A7 will compare against the OMD EM-5 over the next weeks. I’ll keep you posted.


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