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Restaurant Review: GOGYO

We had plans to go to one of our favourite Ramen places in the IFC – just to notice it had closed and a new Japanese restaurant (completely redesigned) has opened up in the same space on the third floor.

Gogyo Restaurant IFC 1

The restaurant is called GOGYO and is a mix between a bar and a restaurant, as they offer an extensive drinks list and provide happy hour specials that include food & drink.

Gogyo Restaurant IFC 0

We visited the place in early January, so it was still the soft opening and we received a free drink to celebrate the opening.

The menu includes small snacks, meat and fish dishes and also ramen soup. I learnt later that GOGYO is quite famous for their Burnt Miso ramen but when we went we did not know that (and the waitress did not say anything) so we tried some of the other dishes.

Gogyo Restaurant IFC 2

We had a tuna starter – with caramelised walnuts and chives. It was definitely interesting.

Gogyo Restaurant IFC 3

Gogyo Restaurant IFC 4

Gogyo Restaurant IFC 5

Then we had a set of skewers that included egg, beef, salmon and salmon roe, avocado and bacon – the set was quite yummy, I enjoyed the different textures and tastes.

Gogyo Restaurant IFC 6

Finally we shared another fish dish – I don’t remember exactly what it was, but I think it was salmon with some sake/soy reduction sauce. It was tasty, but quite a small portion.

Overall the food was ok, but it was a little pricey – even with the free drink our bill came to over 700 HKD, which is quite a lot for a quick weekday dinner on the way to the ferry. We could easily eat for half the price at my favourite sushi in the IFC (sen-ryo).

The service was ok – the waitresses were very friendly and one made a real effort to tell us in which order to eat the snacks so that we can get the best experience. I really appreciated that.

Will I go there again? Probably. It is conveniently located and there are a few more items on the menu (especially the Ramen soup) that I want to try. It was not the best place that I’ve been to recently, but it has potential to become quite good. We’ll see.

Shop 3020, Podium Level 3, IFC mall, Central


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