Sleeping at IKEA

Slightly fitting with yesterday’s travel theme… do you know what you’ll find when you go to IKEA on a weekend afternoon? No, not travellers. Instead you’ll see people being tired from walking (maybe from shopping or it could be from travelling).

Sleeping in Ikea 1

Anyway, I’ve seen this happening numerous times before – you rush to IKEA in Causeway Bay, fight your way down the escalator (which is always blocked by the people queuing up for the bistro) and then you’ll need to navigate your way through the sofa and living room section, which is always blocked by people resting, chatting with friends or just sleeping.

Sleeping in Ikea 2

It’s like an additional resting place in the busy shopping district – it’s not a big secret anymore, and I was not the only one taking pictures of this. Funnily enough there were some teenagers next to me, talking extra loud, trying to wake up this guy in the pink shirt…

Sleeping in Ikea 3
… needless to say, they did not succeed.


6 responses to “Sleeping at IKEA

  1. Haha this phenomenon always cracks us up – we actually don’t have IKEA in NZ so we’re always asking people from other countries whether it’s a ‘sleepzone’ where they come from. Our research indicates that it’s fairly unique to Hong Kong so far!!!

    • That’s also the only IKEA (at least that I know of) that’s in the middle of the city and hence so easy to reach. It’s a good excuse to grab a hot dog and some candles or tea towels on your way from the park to the MTR station!

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