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Review: Shortbread Teas

+++ UPDATE Nov 2014, Shortbread Teas has closed for good +++

I had been meaning to write about this place for a long time – but then I would give away a secret place, for great breakfasts and afternoon teas… so can you promise to keep it a secret?

Shortbread Teas 0

Shortbread Teas is tucked away in the basement of a house in Wellington Street. It is easy to find if you know where to look, but equally as easy to overlook. It is a small place, but never too crowded.

Shortbread Teas 1

The main focus is all on the teas and food. Shortbread serves up a traditional afternoon tea set (starting from $163 per person) which offers a selection of sandwiches, petit fours and a pot of breakfast blend tea (but you can upgrade to other teas too). The set includes Shortbread’s homemade scones, which are very tasty – but you can also order them on their own or they come as a part of the set lunch.

Shortbread Teas 2 Afternoon Tea Set

Other dishes I’ve tried include a tasty tomato and bacon quiche – which is very yummy. It comes with a side salad so you don’t feel too guilty eating all the butter and eggs…

Shortbread Teas 3 Quiche

On other occasions I tried the carrot cake as well as the chocolate and beetroot cake. Both are very moist (as they should be) and tasty. The portion sizes are generous, not just for the cakes but also for the sandwiches. So keep this in mind!

If you don’t fancy any sandwiches or cakes, they also do a full fry-up (including black pudding) or some baked potatoes – basically anything quintessentially British that will taste nice with some tea on the side. And yes, of course, homemade shortbread is also on sale. I just feel very guilty that I’ve never tried it. Clearly I have to go back soon.

Will I go there again? Yes, and I have been so many times that I should really consider getting a membership. This will give me a 10% discount all year round, plus one of the colourful teapots, a sand timer and 2 tea samples.

Shortbread Teas
B/F, 55 Wellington St, Central
Telephone: 9072 7147


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