Review: Kiraku Tei in Discovery Bay

Right when we first moved here we visited the Japanese restaurant at Discovery Bay Plaza. Our first experience was a negative one, we did not like the quality of the sushi and felt that we overpaid for what we ate. We did not go back for many years.

Early in 2014 my parents visited and they asked if we could eat at the Japanese restaurant. I had heard that since our first and only visit in 2011 the owner and cook had changed (and so had the name, it was not called Ippu anymore), so I decided to give Kiraku Tei a try. And I am so glad we did.

We visited on a busy Sunday evening and the place was full. We managed to get the last table and we ordered three cooked meals, as I did not want to repeat the experience of eating poor quality sushi.

The three meals we ordered were served at different times (the waiter had asked if that was ok with us, and we said yes). I prefer eating food when it is freshly cooked and of course, that was the right decision.

We did not have any appetisers and ordered one set meal each. The wait was only a few minutes, not too long, but long enough to ensure that the dishes were properly prepared and not just reheated.

The first dish to arrive was the pork with ginger, which was piping hot and very tasty. It was a pretty big portion, with rice, pickles and miso served at the side. It was not the best I’ve ever had, but it was good value for money and tasted nice.

Kiraku Tei 1 Pork with Ginger

Next up the teriyaki chicken arrived. It was a big portion too. Hot and tasty. Again, it was not the best Japanese I’ve ever had – but then this is Discovery Bay in Hong Kong and not a place in Japan. So considering the price I paid and the expectations I’ve had, this dish was very nice too.

Kiraku Tei 2 Terriyaki Chicken

Finally, a mackerel arrived at our table – one of my favourites. The meat was firm, but not too solid. it was grilled long enough to acquire the slightly burnt taste. It was salty but not too much. A very nice fish indeed.

Kiraku Tei 3 Makarel

We ended our meal with a free dessert, which was sesame ice cream. Nice, cool and refreshing. Our total bill for three people came to around 470 HKD so it was a very affordable dinner.

Will I go there again? Yes, together with the Thai, Korean and Indian at McSorley’s this has become one of my favourite restaurants.

Kiraku Tei
Shop G05, G/F, D Deck, Discovery Bay

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