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Interview with The Hungry Egghead

It’s Monday, so it’s time again for another update in my popular ‘Interview with…’ series. So after talking with Kyle and Victor from The Mixing Bowl about baking, I’m talking now with Kelly from The Hungry Egghead, who was born in Shanghai, raised in New York and has been eating her way through Hong Kong (and other parts of the world).


I first found out about her blog when I was searching for more info about the Australian Dairy Company, a famous Hong Kong cafe that serves all the classics such as milk tea, scrambled egg and toast.

thehungryegghead034 Tsui Wah

Kelly had already been there, and she also had been to Mak’s Noodle and Tsui Wah – all the typical outlets that you have to visit when you are in Hong Kong.

What I love about her blog is that she now only talks about food in Hong Kong (and she’s not actually living there anymore) but also about the relationship she has with food, her parents and her upbringing. It is a very personal blog, she even features her wedding at the Vanderbilt Mansion on her post (<- belated congratulations btw!).

For today, let me interview Kelly about her blog The Hungry Egghead.


What made you start a blog?
I wanted to write but I have not written anything since college so I was hesitant to start the long journey of writing my book. Blogging was a way for me to get used to writing something, anything.

What do you usually blog about?
Food!!! I love trying new foods. All of my favoruite places in the world are the places where I have eaten the most delicious foods. When I travel, food is the main priority. I always plan out my entire eating itinerary long before I leave for my trip, with backups on top of backups so that I am never unprepared.

What upcoming blog posts do you have planned? What topics are you going to cover?
I have a couple of travel posts planned. I am going to blog about my trips to China: Yunnan, Yang Shuo, Beijing, Shanghai.

What 3 Tips would you give to people visiting Hong Kong for the first time?

  • Be sure to take the Hong Kong Tram. If you love the San Francisco Trolley, you will love the HK Tram. My favorite route is the one that starts at Western Market and ends at the Happy Valley Racecourse. It is the most amazing way to see Hong Kong especially from the second level. A daytime ride and a nighttime ride are completely different experiences so it would be nice to budget in time for both. It’s also extremely affordable at less than $0.40USD. See my post
  • Get an octopus card. It will save you so much time. Octopus cards are good for the trains, trams, buses, ferries, not to mention all the 7 elevens, supermarkets, and whatnot
  • Try to visit during Chinese New Year or the National Day (Oct 1) for a fireworks extravaganza. The fireworks show is almost 25 minutes long and very incredible to see against the backdrop of the Hong Kong skyline.


Thanks Kelly, it was nice talking with you. I’m curious to read all about your Chinese food experiences on The Hungry Egghead soon.


[All pictures in this post belong to Kelly at The Hungry Egghead]

PS: Missed a previous interview with a Hong Kong blogger or expert? Check out my series here.


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