Have you been in Hong Kong too long?

That’s not a question that I ask myself – but I found it funny to read it on the TheGuestRoom Blog. The team over there featured a quiz asking some typical questions about how one thinks and behaves in Hong Kong. It is actually very funny!

Kowloon at night time 4

There are questions that ask you, for example, if you hold open the door for people coming behind you. If you answer never, then you’ve been here in the +852 area for too long! I would add to that, if you press the ‘close’ button on the elevator as soon as you get in, then you’ve been here more than a week!

But apparently, according to the TheGuestRoom Blog, I’ve not been here long enough (I only score 12 points in this little quiz). Another question asks whether you get annoyed when you see someone sneeze. I say no, never. I still get annoyed that people burp openly – I once had a colleague (a lovely, petite girl) who used to burp at her desk, once she had eaten. That’s still yuck to date.

I would add to the questionnaire the following questions:

Do you get annoyed when you see someone cut their finger nails in the MTR with a nail clipper?
3 Points – This reminds you and you take out your own nail clipper
2 Points – No, you don’t care
1 Point – Yes, visibly

What do you do when you see people queuing for a restaurant?
3 Points – You walk to the front as you’ve already made a booking two weeks ago
2 Points – You join the queue as it is a hot new restaurant that everyone has to try
1 Point – You walk past it and go to somewhere else where you can just grab a seat

Do you walk on an escalator?
3 Points – No, you just stand there and talk to your friends. It does not matter if you stand next to each other as surely no one wants to pass
2 Points – No, this is too much hassle
1 Point – Yes, because you are busy

As you can tell, the higher the points are the more likely it is that you have been in Hong Kong too long! But of course, don’t take this quiz too seriously! It is just for fun.

Discovery Bay Ferry to Central 7

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