B&W Photography: ifc Shopping Mall

Almost everyday I make my way through the ifc mall in Central – and I can probably find my way around it with my eyes closed. I walk through the shopping mall almost every day, on my way to and from work. I could list a number of shops that are in the mall, but they keep changing frequently so I might be better off skipping that – unless I want to update the blog post every day! :)

So first up, here is the big hall – which is the check-in area for the airport. It’s at the ground floor of the ifc mall. Underneath are some restaurants (including Tim Ho Wan’s famous dim sum) and further below runs the airport express.

IFC Mall 1

And here is it from another angle – there’s some modern artwork hanging in the hall, it looks quite pretty.

IFC Mall 2

On the third floor is also the Crystal Jade Restaurant which is famous for its dumplings – you can see how they are made by watching the masters at work!

IFC Mall 3

On the other side of the ifc is a big open space – which often doubles up as location for seasonal decorations, live bands and exhibitions. When I shot this picture, it happened to be one of the few days without any decorations, but there have been many different ones before, from panda bears over a big red Santa Claus to white dresses.

IFC Mall 4

Finally, the ifc is all about shopping – so here is a shot showing Dior perfume…

IFC Mall 5


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