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rwb330 concept store

+++ UPDATE: The actual rwb330 Prince Edward shop was closed in June 2015. You can still purchase items via the eshop: and for all enquiries, please call 2231 7500 or email to +++

rwb330 is a concept store that features the classic red-white-blue fabric and is a partnership project between the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association an artist– called anothermountainman (in real life he is known as Stanley Wong).

rwb 330 0

The shop focuses on the classic fabric, made from either polyethylene or polypropylene, that could come in many colours – but for auspicious reasons, the pattern of red, white and blue stripes has become the most-loved in Hong Kong.

rwb 330 1

The sturdy plastic canvas has been ubiquitous in Hong Kong since the 1960s. The pattern can be seen not only in bags, but also as awning for outdoor vendors, for cheap fold up chairs, for protective covering in construction sites etc.

rwb 330 2

It is a functional and affordable material and Stanley Wong has turned it into apparel. Even Louis Vuitton and Porter came out with their own versions of the Hong Kong icon!

rwb 330 3

In case you are wondering what 330 stands for: This resembles the phonetic sound of body, mind and spirit in Cantonese. These are the three areas in which New Life strives to help clients rehabilitate.

rwb 330 4

The products at rwb330 are handmade by recovering patients in New Life’s network. The shop sells placemats, tissue box covers, passport covers and many other things that look great! In addition to the red-white-blue fabric you can also buy handmade products and patchwork by local designer Prudence Mak (also known as Chocolate Rain).

rwb 330 also offers creative workshops, including flower arrangements – that’s no surprise given that the shop is closely located to the Flower Market, at 192 Prince Edward Road West in Mong Kok. I would also recommend that you combine rwb330 with a visit to the Flower Market! The shop is open from 10am to 8pm daily and you can find out much more about it in this article on China Daily.


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