Jodhpur: Kids everywhere

It’s probably impossible not to take a picture of all the happy, smiling kids that you see in India. I’ve tried not to take pictures of every kid on the street (especially when kids came running up to me and said ‘one picture please’ and then quickly followed by ‘five rupees’) but here are a few, that I just had to take.

I loved those smiles, vibrant eyes and curious faces of the kids at the railway station – here is a very beautiful girl in a lovely green dress. She was only seven years old and spoke a little English. I told her grandma, who was sitting next to her, that she had a beautiful grand child and the women’s eyes just lit up. She was very proud, rightly so!

Jodhpur kids 1

Actually, most families that I saw on the train station had several kids – and they were so patient waiting for the trains to depart. There was no screaming or crying, but just curious faces looking out of the trains. Those three were dressed beautifully and had the most amazing eyes. The elder sister was protective and shy, she stayed in the background but every now and then she would glance in my direction to see what was going on!

Jodhpur kids 4

Here are a few girls that were playing on the streets in Jodhpur. The first one was quiet aggressive, she made me and Patrick take pictures of her – she kept walking in our way and stopping us! When we finally took a few pictures she was happy and let us go… the next day I came back with a few prints for her. I don’t think she could believe her luck that we were coming back. Now I just feel guilty for the next photographers she’ll meet, she’ll be asking specifically for prints now!

Jodhpur kids 2

Again, colorful clothes against an amazing blue backdrop. I really should have taken more shots like these – looking back through my files, I don’t have that many blue wall-shots, I guess I was too overwhelmed when I was walking through the streets!

Jodhpur kids 3

Jodhpur kids 6

Finally, a girl in the small Bishnoi village – compared to some of the others, she was poorly dressed. Her clothes were ripped, but her smile made up for it, big time! So adorable and full of life!

Jodhpur kids 5

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