Jodhpur in Black & White

Shooting in black and white in India is almost impossible – there is so much colour everywhere. However, I had a few shots that were just too colorful and not working that way. I toned them down by converting them into black and white.

First up, a typical street in Jodhpur. You’ve got shops to the left and right, motorbikes, bicycles, people and even donkeys on the street. Surprisingly the donkeys knew where they had to go, as the women leading them walked further behind them. The donkeys walked in pairs, transporting building material through the city. Nobody paid them much attention…

Jodhpur black and white 1

… except me, because I could not believe that they were quietly walking in pairs through the streets, exactly knowing where they were going. I can only imagine that they do this walk every day (if not several times during one day) so they know it with their eyes closed!

Jodhpur black and white 2

Of course, as you can tell from my previous post, kids are everywhere! Here is a group of young and cheeky boys…

Jodhpur black and white 3

… and two of the small school kids that we met during our desert travel:

Jodhpur kids 7

Plus a shot next to the market, that I really like, because you can see the wheels from the left to the right, all neatly arranged!

Jodhpur black and white 4

These pictures are clearly not your typical Jodhpur pictures, but that’s why I like them. Don’t you agree?


2 responses to “Jodhpur in Black & White

  1. Great black and whites. Indeed hard, in a country so colorful, to restrict yourself to b&W;-).

    I saw donkeys like that as well, and the women or woman herding them behind them. I felt sorry for them, carrying such heavy loads and looking so skinny with their ears down.

    I often thought to myself that both the people and the animals have tough lives in India. No room for animal sentimental feelings when you are having a rough life yourself, I guess.

    I agree that you see a lot of laughing faces as well, but the misery got to me regularly.

    • I know what you mean – I feel the same. It’s not always an easy sight, and then I am the one who can just walk away and leave it all behind. It does not feel right.

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