Jodhpur: Favourite images

Finally – my selection of the best shots during my six days trip to Jodhpur is ready.

Just click on the picture below and it will take you to the video:

Favourite Jodhpur image

10 responses to “Jodhpur: Favourite images

  1. Cool photos. I especially like the one of the man with the bike in the busy street. One thing: does the name of the place Jodhpur have anything to do with the name of the riding trousers and boots? Just something I’ve always wondered (in the back of my mind, not an obsession or anything :) ).

    • Good point – I’ve got no idea. But a little research told me that the Jodhpur pants were designed and first worn in Jodhpur. The name of the boot came later, but I guess as the boots were worn with the pants they received the same name. Interesting question! Thanks for asking!

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