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Review: BB Ramen

I’m a creature of habit – if I like a restaurant, I tend to go back. So most of the times when I went on a night hike from Quarry Bay to Tin Hau I ended up going to Daruma ramen, which is a great place for ramen soup.

However, by pure chance we managed to arrive in Tin Hau before 9pm and found BB Ramen, the little ramen shop on 3 King Street, to still be open. We were the last people to grab a seat, right next to the small kitchen.

BB Ramen Tin Hau Hong Kong 1

It’s simple to order – as in most ramen places. You just choose one of the four different soup bases (basic, red – spicy, black – with squid ink, green – with cheese and herbs) or the daily special. Then you pick how rich the taste should be, if you like your noodles hard or soft and what extra ingredients you’d like to have. If you can’t be asked to choose, you can let the chef create a special soup just for you!

BB Ramen Tin Hau Hong Kong 2

But we knew what we wanted. All three of us went for the red soup, with a spicy ball in the centre. Overall spice levels go up to 10, but I picked number 2 (which was the right choice). I added tree mushrooms, one egg and sea weed to my soup. When it arrived, I was surprised how dark in colour and how thick the soup base was!

BB Ramen Tin Hau Hong Kong 3

BB Ramen Tin Hau Hong Kong 4

It was rich, very rich. With a great taste to it – the spice was interesting. At Daruma it is just sharp and clear, here it tasted as if more flavours had been mixed together, but in a good way! It tasted much more ‘whole’ and was great.

On the plus side, is the fact that you’ve got pickles and fresh garlic on your table, so you can add as much as you like. The portion size is pretty big and the taste is great.

On the minus side, was that my boiled egg was too hard and cold – I would have liked it softer and warmer. But that’s just personal taste! Plus I was hoping they would serve pickled garlic, but they didn’t – so you can imagine my face when I ate a whole clove of garlic just to realise it was fresh. Needless to say no one wanted to sit next to me on the ferry!

Will I go there again? Yes, in fact I preferred the red soup at BB Ramen over Daruma’s Ramen. So I’ll definitely be back to try the other flavours – although I’m not sure that herbs, cheese and ramen go together. But maybe I’m wrong?

BB Ramen
3 King Street, Tai Hang
Tue-Sun: 11:30-15:00; 17:30-21:00
Closed on Mon


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