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Review: BLT Burger

This post has been long overdue – and that’s for several reasons. Firstly, I really don’t eat many burgers. If I manage four a year, then that’s pretty good (and that includes any kind of burger, including crappy McD stuff). Secondly, I hardly venture into the basement of Times Square, unless I have a MTR train to catch. Thirdly, I don’t often go on a first meeting with a fellow blogger (in this case fantastic burger blogger Francisco, who runs his tasty burger blog here and spoke with me here) for fries, burgers and beer and have so much fun!

But let’s tick one, two and three and just say that I had a fun night out with Francisco and learnt a lot about good and bad burgers. I’m not going to dissect my burger as much as he does (and he has written a better summary of our experience at BLT Burger in Causeway Bay), but let me say that there were a few things that I do (not) like about this place.

BLT Burger 1

First of all, service can be a bit hit and miss. The waitress was great to hand us our menus but after that service was a bit slow – it’s good if you just want to sit there and have a chat, but when you are trying to get some extra ketchup or more beer, it can be annoying to sit there, shout and wave. Plus the waitress seemed new, she struggled a little bit with our questions and did confuse me too when she asked if I wanted to have my burger cut into half. It took me a little while to figure out she meant, that it’s then easier to eat (rather than cutting the bun in half, which I would expect them to do anyway to fit in the patty).

BLT Burger 2

Long story short, the food arrived – we both opted for BLT burgers (98 HKD). The only difference was the different types of cheese we asked for and our side orders – waffle fries for the boy, sweet potato fries for the girl. The fries were nice, but got cold and soggy quite quickly. So they were not the stars of the menu.

The burger fared better – the presentation was nice (although the bun was a little too big for the patty). But anyway, the bun was cross and the meat didn’t crumble as soon as I took my first bite (something that Francisco told me to look out for). The bacon was crispy and the patty was seasoned well. It all worked well together to transform this into one of the best burger meals I’ve had for a long time (but then, don’t take my advice, I’m such a burger novice).

Will I go there again? Maybe. If I fancy a good burger and a nice conversation? Yes. Would I go out of my way and travel there, just for the burger? No.

BLT Burger
Shop B224A, Times Square
1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
+852 2506 1500


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