Review: YOUKA

We are always craving good Japanese and fresh fish – so last week we decided to try YOUKA in Wan Chai. I had read good things about this place on HungryHK and was curious to try it. YOUKA translates as “eighth day” in English and symbolises the day beyond creation. On the website it says that other beautiful elements like arts, culture and a taste of cuisine were subsequently developed by mankind – on the eighth day.

YOUKA Wan Chai 1

The restaurant is run by Chef Ito Katsuhiro, formerly the head chef at Hotel Nikko Hong Kong and owner of TenSho restaurant and serves Japanese washoku cuisine. Washoku cuisine refers not only to the ingredients, preparation and presentation but the overall dining experience. It means that seasonal ingredients are used and skillfully presented. The dishes range from sushi and sashimi to yakitori, tempura, donburi (rice bowls) and nimono (simmered or stewed dishes).

When we arrived, at 7pm, we were one of the first guests. But YOUKA quickly filled up. The restaurant is modern, in a black box without windows – but it is still comfortable. The design is very welcoming, and you can either sit at dining tables (which we did) or at the sushi bar.

YOUKA Wan Chai 2

We tried salmon (160 HKD) and sea bass sashimi, followed by some sushi that we picked – but there are also platters that you can choose, if you can’t decide what to go for. The sashimi was outstanding, I would easily come back for more, I really enjoyed it.

YOUKA Wan Chai 3

Next we shared clams stewed in sake broth (160 HKD), which was very tasty too. I preferred this over the fried chicken (150HKD) main, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of – but then I never enjoy fried food that much!

YOUKA Wan Chai 4

We had mixed tempura (180 HKD) and US grilled beef, with lots of garlic and teriyaki (250 HKD), which was so tasty that I didn’t even have time to snap a picture. Finally, grilled cod – another one of my favourite dishes. However, this one was a bit too dry for my taste – I prefer the cod at 0.5 which comes with plum jam.

YOUKA Wan Chai 5

Will I go there again? Yes, especially for the fresh sashimi and sushi. I wasn’t a fan of the fried chicken or grilled cod, so maybe next time I will try different dishes. Overall it is a nice, relaxing experience and I believe YOUKA has a lot to offer.

Shop 1D, 35–45 Johnston Road, Wanchai
Tel 2833 5188


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