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Stray cats in Hong Kong

As you can guess… this is a topic close to Sam‘s heart!

There are many wild cats living on the various islands of Hong Kong – you just have to go on a hike through the rural areas of the New Territories and you’ll be surprised on how many cats you see.

Peng Chau 10 green door, pink bike and cat

Cats are also living in the narrow streets of urban Hong Kong, especially around market stalls and areas where they can easily find food … so you can often see thin, stray cats that are very shy.

Cat in Tai O 2

There are several organisations that look after animals in Hong Kong – so if you want to support them to help cats and dogs lead a better life, check out their websites. Some of them also offer adoption programmes, if you want to bring an animal into your own flat and life.

Ginger cat in Discovery Bay 3

Here is a selection of a few animal welfare organisations that operate in Hong Kong – note that the list is not extensive and that I can’t give you any advice on which one is the best:

Companion Animal Federation (CAF)
A non-profit organisation that rescues sick or abandoned animals and provides temporary shelters to homeless animals. It also can help owners find their lost pets as well as provide help in emergencies
Tel: 2146 4383

Hong Kong Alleycat Watch
This is a refuge for cats. The website has advice and procedures for those wanting to adopt a pet from the refuge as well as a number of tips for those who already have pet cats
Tel: 9310 0744

Lamma Animal Welfare Centre
Rescues abandoned and abused animals and finds homes for them. It also educates individuals and the public on responsible pet ownership
Tel: 2982 0800

Protection of Animals Lantau South (PALS)
The aim of this group is to rescue and rehome animals on Lantau Island and they often have events at the Discovery Bay Plaza if you want to check them out in person
Tel: 2984 1626 or 2914 1336

Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA)
The society takes care of abandoned animals, arrange adoption, and has an animal hotline to answer questions on pet diseases, pet behaviour and help owners find their lost pets
Tel: 2838 0633

SPCA, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal
Rescues lost and abandoned pets, and can help owners find their lost pets, with four adoption centres, in Wan Chai, Kowloon, Mong Kok and Sai Kung
Tel: 2802 0501
24 hour emergency hotline: 2711 1000

Cat in Sheung Wan 3


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