June 4 vigil at Victoria Park

Every year, on June 4th, tens of thousands of Hong Kongers will gather in Victoria Park to remember those killed in the Tiananmen Square massacre. The annual candlelit vigil begins at 8pm but it is advisable to arrive early, especially as it’s the 25th anniversary and a big turnout is expected.

June 4 2014

Here is some coverage from last year, where despite the rain, tens of thousands people held a vigil. Organisers estimated that 150,000 attended, police put the figure at 54,000. Looking at last year’s pictures, easily more than 100,000 attended.

Hong Kong is the only place in China where such annual protests – or even references to – the June 4th crackdown are tolerated (here is a list of all the words that are blocked in China).

Let’s hope Hong Kong will keep its voice.


One response to “June 4 vigil at Victoria Park

  1. It’s a shame most people in the mainland won’t even know about it, but I hope the tourists will be aware and freedom will slowly spread to the mainland… unfortunately the reverse seems to be more potent, but I do hope HK can influence the PRC more and more in some subtle ways…

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