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Review: Tuk Tuk Thai

It’s actually quite unusual for a restaurant in Hong Kong to stay in the same place for several years – but the small and authentic Tuk Tuk Thai has been tucked away on 30 Graham Street for several years now.

Tuk Tuk Thai 1

It is one of the best Thai restaurants in Hong Kong, and is very affordable – with the average main course at dinner starting at 80 HKD, we always order and eat a lot and don’t spend more than 200 HKD per person. It is good value for money, and most importantly, it is proper Thai food, cooked by Thai and often eaten by Thai people on the tables next to us!

Tuk Tuk Thai 2

Tuk Tuk Thai is a very small restaurant, so you have to come early or late for dinner – if you don’t want to queue. I’ve been several times now (but only for dinner, so I can’t talk about the lunch menu – some people said it’s hit and miss and the service can be chaotic) and I can testify that the fresh spring rolls and pad thai are fantastic.

Tuk Tuk Thai 3

Tuk Tuk Thai 4

The papaya salad has a great kick to it (but you have to tell them that you like your food spicy), the laab with pork is fresh and hot too. I’m not the biggest fan of the grilled pork neck (but the boys like it), and so I usually order a green or red curry to go with it, which has lots of vegetables and meat in it.

Will I go there again? Yes, it’s a tried and tested classic for me. Just remember to bring cash with you – they don’t take any cards. But given the affordable prices, that should not be a problem.

Tuk Tuk Thai
G/F 30 Graham Street, Central
Tel. 2542 2760


3 thoughts on “Review: Tuk Tuk Thai”

  1. Hmm, I was quite ambivalent about Tuk Tuk when I went. It was decent Thai food (certainly better than most other Thai restaurants in here… what’s up with that HK??!!), but not outstanding. Recently tried Mango Tree (the one at Elements) – thought that was pretty good too. Have you been?

    1. I agree – it’s not the best Thai food outside Thailand. But given the sparse Thai restaurant experience on HK Island, it is definitely one of the better options!

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