Singapore office party – with my pics on the wall

Just briefly, some shameless self-promotion… last week I was invited to attend our 10-year anniversary party at our Singapore office. The team had just moved into a new office and they asked me for some of my images to hang on the blank walls.

Office Party Picks 3

Office Party Picks 4

I was really honoured by this – and selected several images across Asia that were printed on textiles. They were hung all over the three-floors of the office (which is a renovated shophouse) and it was so nice to see them everywhere.

Office Party Picks 1

Office Party Picks 2

Office Party Picks 9

Office Party Picks 7

Office Party Picks 10

I hadn’t seen the pictures in such a big size – normally I just see them on my computer screen, so it was really a nice surprise to enjoy them much larger! And yes… we all had a very good time at the party!

Office Party Picks 5

Office Party Picks 8

Finally, a picture not taken by me – but showing me, with my lovely colleague from HR. I’m tired, exhausted and can’t believe I went on a less-than-24-hours-in-Singapore trip, but it was totally worth it:

Office Party Picks 6


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