We moved to Wan Chai

I’ve not just been travelling over the last few weeks… I’ve also been very busy moving flats.

Move from Discovery Bay 1

We decided to move to Hong Kong Island. After three and a half years in Discovery Bay we were both tired from the ferry travel and given that almost all our friends live on the Island, we figured that we could save ourselves some travel time and the hassle of waiting for a ferry. It got on our nerves that every time we went out with friends, we had to make a decision whether to order another drink or have dessert, or to leave and get the next ferry.

As we don’t have any kids or a dog, and didn’t spend much time at the DB Plaza, we figured that we might as well pack up our things and leave the island. Of course, I’d be missing the view, the better air, all the hiking paths – and the amazing Thai – but I would gain other things in return. Our new flat close to everything, which means that within 15 mins walk I can be at my office, at the gym or already walking up Wan Chai Gap road to go hiking. That’s perfect!

So on one Saturday in June, we packed all our things and took Sam on his second-ever ferry ride. We made our way over to Wan Chai, to our new flat, unpacked and got ourselves settled in.

Move from Discovery Bay 2

Move from Discovery Bay 3

It took a few days for Sam to find his way across the new flat (and to accept that we don’t have huge window sills anymore) and it didn’t help that I headed off to Europe for several days – but now that I’m back and the boys have been living in the new flat for more than a month now, all is fine and good.


2 responses to “We moved to Wan Chai

  1. Liebe Ruth, it sounds as if the move to a new flat went without any problems and your little man Sam is happy in his new surroundings. I hope he will have some new way to look out of the windows. If not a big window sill may a box or something will help him look out. He needs some entertainment when he is alone. Good luck and best wishes, I hope all of you will be happy in your new “digs”.Love, Elfriede

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