Art Jamming at Chocolart Studio

I never had heard about Art Jamming before, but there is always a first time. So one evening, my work colleagues decided we should all go out together so that we get to know the new joiners from our recently acquired company. And what better way to do this then over music, wine, pizza – and art!

Art Jamming Session 0

We went to Chocolart Studio in Wan Chai, and everyone received a paint kit – an easel, a canvas, brushes, colours and of course, a apron to protect our clothes. The only brief we were given was to draw something that is related to us in one way or the other…

Art Jamming Session 1

Some of my colleagues were really clever and already came prepared – they had printouts of twigs with cherry blossoms, the balloon house of the movie ‘Up’, a Chinese opera character etc. It was interesting to watch them paint – I enjoyed that much more than painting myself. I guess that’s because I just came back from a 12-hour flight from Europe, and all I can think of was a shower and some sleep!

Art Jamming Session 2

Art Jamming Session 3

But anyway, if you want to experience your creative side, you should go to Chocolart Studio at 2B Yan King Court on 119-121 Queen’s Road East in Wan Chai. They offer courses, individual and group sessions. Check it out for yourself!

Art Jamming Session 4


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