My top 3 German restaurants in Hong Kong

I’m not an expert when it comes to German restaurants in Hong Kong, but I did try a fair view. Some are better, some are worse.

Overall, I’d say my favourite is Schnurrbart on 29 D’Aguilar St in Lan Kwai Fong (Tel 2523 4700, Facebook page). It feels a bit like a cheap basement bar, and it looks like time has stood still – but hands down, they have the most authentic dishes.

I love that they have white asparagus in spring time, which is an absolute must for a German restaurant, and it is really well prepared and tasty. Overall I’d say the prizes are not cheap (at least not compared to what I would expect to pay in Germany), but at Schnurrbart the portion sizes are pretty decent and the Schnitzel tastes like a proper one.

Schnurrbart 1

Schnurrbart 2

I’ve tried the apple strudel too, which could do with a bit more raisins and be baked a few minutes longer – but given that the alternative is to make it myself (which I can’t), I’m pretty happy with it too. Just the chocolate mousse dessert is average, and not German at all. I’d loved to have some kaiserschmarrn with plum compote, but I am properly better off to make this myself at home! At least I can’t mess that one up too much! :)

In place two is Berliner. I’ve been to two outlets, the one in Discovery Bay (which was always very convenient, at our doorstep – Shop G01B, G/F, D’Deck, DB Plaza, Discovery Bay, Tel. 2987 8203) and the one in Wan Chai (4/F, W Square, 314-324 Hennessy Road, Tel. 2891 8689). It feels more like a German Wirtshaus and is more spacious.

Berliner 1 DB

My favourite dishes are the sausage platter (which is a huge portion) and the Flammkuchen (ok, this is not that German – but I love the mix of dough, sour cream, bacon and onions).

Berliner 2 Sausages

Berliner 3 Flammkuchen

I would not recommend the Jaegerschnitzel, the mushroom cream sauce tasted a bit weird and the veal meat was chewy. Unfortunately the Kaesespaetzle (German-style gnocci with onions and cheese) looked and tasted more like macaroni and cheese… which is not what it should be like! It needs stronger cheese, the onions should be browned for a longer period and the seasoning needs to be sharper. It was too bland. However, the pork knuckle was good – in fact so good that my colleagues ordered another one, when we all went out for dinner together.

Finally, in third place is King Ludwig Beerhall. I don’t agree with their buffets that feature food from all over the world, including snails as appetisers and chocolate fountains for dessert – and so far the dishes we tried in Stanley (Shop 202, Murray House, Stanley Plaza, Stanley) were hit and miss. The Schnitzel tasted nice, but was not fried in the proper batter. My duck dish was ok, but the Reibekuchen were way too thick and dry. The appelstrudel had more filling than could fit on a plate and was a bit bland… I have been back since I wrote this blog post but the food has not been as good as at Berliner or Schnurrbart, so it’s only in third place for me.

King Ludwig beerhall 5

King Ludwig beerhall 4

King Ludwig beerhall 7

What are your thoughts and comments? Any other good German restaurants I should try? There must be a few over on the Kowloon side, which one is worth a trip?


7 responses to “My top 3 German restaurants in Hong Kong

  1. I went to Schnurrbarts on my first night in HK – in 1997. They poured butterscotch schnaps down me all night. I forget the rest. It seemed like good food at the time but I think I should have stuck to good old Altbier.

    • Hahaha, sounds like a night not to remember! :) I usually stick to the golden lager, that gets me through the evening without any problems!

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