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Review: Nasubi Japanese Restaurant

I’m surprised – looking through my phone, there are so many pictures of dishes I’ve tried and tasted. But looking over at my blog, I’ve not posted about any food experiences recently (the last one was this Tuk Tuk Thai post in June). Well, this is long overdue and let me start with Nasubi Japanese.

This is a restaurant conveniently located between my office and our new home in Wan Chai – so whenever we feel lazy and in need for good Japanese food, we’ll go there. So within a few days, we’ve already been twice. The first time, I didn’t take any pictures, so all the pictures in the post are from our second visit.

Kumatei Japanese Wan Chai 0

The place is pretty big, and usually we are only one of the few diners – that’s because it is a bit tucked away from the main streets. If you don’t know where it is, you might not go along Jaffe Road (unless you are brining your car to a garage or picking new kitchen tiles!). As it’s never very busy, you can rest assured to get the full attention of the restaurant staff, which is great. Everyone is friendly and very helpful, the tea gets refilled every few minutes…

On our first visit, we ordered way too much. We had one hot udon with tempura, one hot soba set with shrimp tempura and sashimi, plus a roast duck salad. The set came with a starter and an ice cream, so we were really full after eating all of that. The food was fresh and tasted really good. We spent about 1,000 HKD for the two of us, including one beer.

The second time, we decided to order less. That’s tricky, because the menu is quite extensive and offers lots of interesting options – but it is also quite pricy, so we opted to share three light dishes. That was the perfect amount of food.

We had a salad with tofu and soft boiled egg as a starter – which was a big portion and had a great sesame dressing.

Kumatei Japanese Wan Chai 1 Tofu Egg Salad

Then we shared a sushi roll with cooked salmon (I just fancied it that day). It was huge, it was fresh and it was tasty – maybe I would not have added the mayonnaise, but it was just a little, so it was ok.

Kumatei Japanese Wan Chai 2 Salmon Sushi Roll

As a main we had a bowl of udon soup (we asked for an extra egg to be added) and a basket of mixed tempura. This was plenty for the two of us! The udon has the right texture and the soup base is rich, although I preferred the hot soba (which I had on the first visit) just because the soup seemed less salty. But that’s just personal taste. The tempura was hot, fresh and with a very light batter – perfect. Our bill came to about 400 HKD, which was much more reasonable for a weekday dinner.

Kumatei Japanese Wan Chai 3 Udon with Tempura

Will I go there again? Yes, it’s nice and quiet, the service is great and the dishes taste very fresh. The menu is so huge that there will always be something new to try (and in fact I already noticed that they switch out menu items according to season, so even just a few days later there were different menu items available) and if we order reasonable, we won’t be too stuffed and the mid-week dinner won’t be too expensive.

Nasubi Japanese Restaurant
Shop 6-8, G/F, Tonnochy Towers, 260-264 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai


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