Review: Mr. Bing

+++ Update March 2015: the Wan Chai outlet of Mr. Bing has closed +++

The benefits of living in Wan Chai now are plenty – one of them is that there are so many new restaurants, cafes and food outlets to try. The other day I finally went to Mr. Bing, which is next to the Wan Chai MTR and tram stop, in the Southorn Playground building.

Mr. Bing Wan Chai 1

This was the first time I tried ‘jianbing’, the traditional Beijing-style crepes that are sold on every street corner. Not to be confused with a French crepe, the original jianbing is made of green bean flour, with other options of millet flour, buckwheat flour and even purple rice flour available too.

Mr. Bing Wan Chai 2

Mr. Bing Wan Chai 3

The batter is smoothed over the hot crepe plate (which does in fact come from France), and then the ingredients are added. I selected the Peking Duck style (for 47 HKD), which is a pancake sprinkled with black sesame seeds, coriander and spring onions, brushed with the sweet hoisin sauces and finished with slices of cucumber, pieces of duck and fried wonton skin, before being folded up and served in a coated paper bag.

Mr. Bing Wan Chai 4

The jianbing is hot and filling – I enjoyed the contrast of textures, particularly the crisp wonton skin with the crunchy cucumber and the soft duck meat. Next time I might try the classic version or one of the sweet ones – the options are plenty (here is the full menu) and you can add extras such as pork floss, kimchee or fried garlic at an additional cost.

Will I go there again? Yes, it’s a quick and easy snack, freshly made and easy to purchase on the way home. I’ll go back to try some of the other flavours next – especially as the bottom of my receipt offered me a 10 HKD for my next 40+ HKD purchase. That’s a nice surprise!

Mr. Bing
Shop 6C, Southorn Centre, 113 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
Tel 2568 0455
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-1pm / Sun 9am-9pm


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