Do not call registry

One thing that annoyed me big time was all the random cold calls that I received on my mobile phone.

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As soon as I had my local phone contact and number, I got these random calls of people talking in Cantonese to me – to which I responded ‘Can you speak English?’ and the standard response was ‘oh, wrong number!’ and they would hang up.

Some ‘funny’ guys would respond ‘No I don’t speak English, do you speak Cantonese’ (in English) but usually that was the end of the conversation anyway, one of us would hang up!

My colleagues quickly told me that these are all just sales calls. I kept receiving them on random times during the day and often also after work. Usually 2-3 a day. It got so annoying that I didn’t pick up my phone if I didn’t recognise the number or was waiting for a call to be returned.

Luckily I quickly found a solution! There’s a government website where you can register for ‘do-not-call’ and as soon as I had done this, the cold calls stopped. So if you are annoyed by random sales calls, just go to this website and add your telephone number to the registry. It is free of charge and after a few days you’ll have peace of mind!


4 responses to “Do not call registry

  1. I registered this a long time ago, but still get a couple of calls per week. I now start off by speaking to them in my broken Japanese, until they hang up!

    • That’s interesting – I’ve registered early in 2014 and the number of cold calls dropped to 2 a month now! Seems you ticked one of these annoying ‘send me marketing information or call me’ boxes somewhere.

      I hadn’t noticed that you can also sign up to stop the spam text messages – I just saw that recently so I did that too. Not that I did get many spam text messages, but there had been a few every now and then. Hopefully this will stop now too!

  2. Er……….no. We have registered and still get plenty of calls. On our landline we now pay a supplement and have a call blocker. No code, no ring. All marketing should be opt in not opt out. I can’t think of any service to which I would want to say “Oooooh, yes please, cold call me anytime”.

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