Etsy find: Mooshi Leather Design

One thing that I never thought would happen here in Hong Kong is that bags get stolen – the crime rate here is very low, on average. But of course, there are always black sheep and locations that are a bit more prone to crime. One of those locations are bars in Wan Chai, especially late at night and if you go with a group of people and don’t keep an eye on your bag.

Patrick had this unfortunate experience and had his bag stolen that way – which was very annoying because it meant that he lost his beautiful leather bag that he had for the last eight years and of course, all the hassle of cancelling and reordering cards, keys and access passes because his wallet and keys were in the bag too. It was all very frustrating – especially as we then had to look for a nice, unique, leather bag to replace the stolen one.

It had to be a dark brown bag, that’s big enough to fit a laptop, but not too junky and without any frills. It had to be sturdy for use as an every day bag, and it needed to have pockets inside and outside of the bag. There should be an adjustable leather strap so Patrick could wear the bag over one shoulder – and he didn’t want to have any brand or name on the outside. So that’s a challenge. I kept looking in stores all over Hong Kong, but it quickly became clear that we would not find anything like his original leather bag.

So I turned to Etsy – and it turns out that MooshiLeatherDesign creates some really great bags that are handmade, affordable and nicely designed. I found a design for Patrick that was big enough for his laptop to carry, but not too huge. It’s this one.

MooshiLeatherDesign new Bag

I ordered it, and three days later it arrived (the company is based in Hong Kong, so of course, that makes the communications and delivery very quick). It looked exactly like the one on the website (sorry, my iPhone pictures don’t do it justice) and so far, ten days in, it is performing well.

MooshiLeatherDesign new Bag arrived 1

It’s different to Patrick’s previous bag (the leather was softer, the size was bigger, the colour was more brown than brown-green) but he is getting used to it. Phew!

MooshiLeatherDesign new Bag 2

MooshiLeatherDesign new Bag 3


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