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Review: Uohachi Japanese Restaurant

+++ Update March 2015: This restaurant has now closed +++

One of my favourite cuisines is Japanese – and the good news is that Patrick likes it too. We’re currently exploring different Japanese restaurants in our surroundings. Last weekend we went to Uohachi on Amoy Street, which is just a few steps away from Kamitora Ramen (which I still need to try, but Patrick is not a fan of Ramen, so I have to go on my own one day).

Anyway, back to Uohachi – which is a really small restaurant. We sat in the tiny room upstairs, which just has four tables and holds about 20 people. Downstairs is not much bigger and by the time we had arrived it was already full.

We decided to order dinner set A for 295 HKD (including service charge) as we couldn’t decide that to get – and the dinner set provided lots of different dishes. We started with four slices of thick cut salmon sashimi (as you can tell, only three are left on the picture below, so one of us was already very hungry).

Uohachi Japanese Restaurant 1 Salmon Sashimi

Then we had a bowl of salad with a sesame dressing – all very fresh and tasty.

Uohachi Japanese Restaurant 2 Salad

Two spicy tuna handrolls were next – and those were very yummy. I never had spicy tune with (what I believe is) salmon roe before. But it tasted very good.

Uohachi Japanese Restaurant 3 Spicy Tuna Handroll

We then shared a bowl of udon with mushrooms…

Uohachi Japanese Restaurant 4 Udon

… and a pork cutlet that was crispy and tender.

Uohachi Japanese Restaurant 5 Pork Cutlet

There was also a salted mackerel as the second main course, but somehow I forgot to take a picture.

We finished the meal with two small profiteroles and were both happy and full. It was definitely enough food for the two of us and at a great price, for the portion size and quality of food!

Will I go there again? Yes, the food quality was very good. I saw lots of different dishes on the tables next to us, from sushi rolls to different salads, soups and skewers. It all looked very yummy. I’ll be back for more!

Uohachi Japanese Restaurant
Shop A, G/F, Hundred City Centre, 7-11 Amoy Street, Wan Chai


3 thoughts on “Review: Uohachi Japanese Restaurant”

  1. Mrs.Ha had lobster sashimi last night. So fresh, I lie not, it was still waving at her when it arrived at the table. She squealed in a very unJapanese fashion. I prefer my food dead.

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