Mooncake food scandal?

Did you enjoy your mooncake yesterday or over the weekend? I hope you did – it seems the gutter oil scandal from Taiwan did not impact the famous moon cakes.

Gutter Oil Scandal

A Kaoshiung-based supplier is accused of buying at least 240 tonnes of gutter oil – recycled from kitchen waste, by-products from leather processing plants and offal from slaughterhouses – from an unlicensed factory and then reselling it to importers and businesses in Hong Kong and Macau.

Several samples have been taken, including mooncakes, almond strips, cookies and various kinds of bread – and unfortunately pineapple buns are affected. Some have been sold in Starbucks and 7-Eleven.

Pineapple bun 1

So far no mooncakes were not made with the affected oil. But the government is still cary out laboratory tests to confirm gutter oil was not used.

It is scary that almost every month new food scandals hits the city – in July, McDonald’s and KFC suspended sales of chicken nuggets and several other items after admitting it imported food from a US-owned firm in China at the centre of an expired meat scandal.

Hong Kong should really be more rigorous with its imports – and consumers should also be paying a fair price and not always hunt for the cheapest product!

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