Tropical Cyclone Kalmaegi

Another day and more rain. Hong Kong woke this morning to the first T8 signal of the year (more about the typhoon signals in a previous blog post). The observatory raised the T8 tropical cyclone signal at 10.30pm last night and since then it had been raining and a strong wind had been blowing.

Mongkok in the rain 1

Apparently gusts of up to 166km/h were recorded by the Hong Kong Observatory as Typhoon Kalmaegi made its way to the mainland. But luckily, all we noticed in Wan Chai, was some rain and some wind. Looking out of our windows, no obvious damages are visible.

Kalmaegi Sep 2014

A few people are out on the streets – but currently schools are closed and employees have been asked to stay at home, until the T8 signal is lowered to T3. That’s expected to happen around noon today.

Although Kalmaegi is moving gradually away it will be rainy over the next few days – as always. Usually typhoons ‘announce themselves’ first by hot weather (we had very hot weather warnings over the last days) and then once they passed, it usually is very wet and rainy. I’m not looking forward to the next days… but it’s actually not looking too bad!

9 day weather forecast Sep 16


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