Start of the Horse Racing Season 2014-15

What tends to be black or brown (usually) and runs very fast? A horse on the race track… and can you guess what I’m writing about today? Of course, the Horse Racing Season 2014-15 at the Happy Valley Race Course begins today!

Happy Valley Racecourse 2014-1

The Happy Valley race course itself is a sight in itself – I’ve been there numerous times (see my blog posts here and here) and can’t get enough of it. The city has built around it through the years and it is now practically surrounded by skyscrapers, an awesome experience specially at night when the city is illuminated.

Happy Valley Racecourse 2014-4

You don’t have to go today (it might be very busy, given it is the first race day) but you should try and go on one of the following Wednesday nights. Usually the first race starts at 7:15 pm. and the gates open at 5:15 pm. The races are mostly done by 11:00 pm, so you can get home easily.

Happy Valley Racecourse 2014-5


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