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Review: Hokkaido Dairy Farm

This is one of my ‘old’ workplace lunch places – it’s closer to our previous Wan Chai office and we used to go here more often. Nowadays, the 15 mins is a bit too far for a lunch break if you have to queue before you can grab a seat… and yes, in this cha chaan teng you usually have to queue at rush hour!

Hokkaido Dairy Farm 3

Hokkaido Dairy Farm – the name comes from the fact that the restaurant uses Japanese Hokkaido milk to make its food. There are several sets to choose from including the Breakfast set, the Sandwich set and the popular Hokkaido set which comes with eggs and ham on toast, macaroni or spaghetti in soup with BBQ pork and a choice of either Hokkaido coffee or tea.

Hokkaido Dairy Farm 1

Hokkaido Dairy Farm 2

I usually go for a slight adaption, I eat the scrambled eggs with mushroom sauce and then have the macaroni with spicy pork cubes in soup. For drink I had the iced lemon tea as it was such a hot day when I went to eat there!

Hokkaido Dairy Farm 4

The food is always piping hot – it comes out quickly and it is a bargain. I paid 47 HKD for the whole lunch set and was full. The best part is the fresh scrambled egg (not too runny and no oil!) and the mushroom sauce. The toast is also good too – but if you don’t like it you can swap it out against waffles (and pay a small extra fee).

Hokkaido Dairy Farm 5

Will I go there again? Yes, for a quick breakfast or brunch. I’ve never tried their rice dishes but I would imagine that they are pretty good too. For me, it’s the classic egg, toast and tea!

Hokkaido Dairy Farm
Shop A&B, G/F, 211 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
Open every day from 7.30am to 10pm


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