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Review: DiVino Patio

I could easily eat Asian food every single day – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love it so much. So you can guess Patrick’s surprise when I suggested an Italian dinner to him! I wanted to try one of the Italian places close by and DiVino Patio has an outdoor seating area, which is really rare in Hong Kong!

We went one Sunday evening and it was easy to get a table outdoor – not sure if this was already a bad sign?! Anyway, we decided to order two different starters and two different mains to share, so we could try different dishes.

The service was quite attentive, they quickly brought us the menus, bread and olive oil – but then it took some time to place our orders. Just about when we were placing our orders, the waitress told us about the special of the day. Oh well, we figured we try some of the Chef’s specials on the menu.

First we shared an eggplant parmigiano – and this is a really classic dish that should be hearty, meaty and tomatoey – but it was too fancy. The eggplants were too chewy and there was not enough cheese to hold the dish together. There could and should have been more meat and overall the modern presentation was a let down. This dish should be served like a lasagne – in a deep dish, with cheese and tomato sauce all over it.

DiVino Patio Restaurant Wan Chai 1

Next up, the beef carpaccio. The meat was nice, but overall the dish was just average – no dressing on the rocket salad and the artichoke hearts were pickled in such a sour marinade, I kept pulling a face like I had bitten onto a lemon. It was a decent sized portion, but the dish was not coming together for me. It was too sour.

DiVino Patio Restaurant Wan Chai 2

Patrick ordered some wine – but half of the wine bottles on the menu had not arrived for some reason or the other. But credit to the waitress, she picked a nice red wine, that went well with the beef carpaccio and the next dish, the highlight of the evening: the suckling pig.

DiVino Patio Restaurant Wan Chai 3

It was spit roasted and it came with potato mash and a tasty balsamic reduction (let’s just forget about the artichoke as a side, it was not enough vegetable to actually feature it on the menu as a side dish). The meat was very tasty, nicely seasoned and cooked to perfection so that it was almost falling off the bone – but it had enough crackling on the top to provide a nice contrast. While the pictures don’t do it justice, this was one of the best suckling pigs I’ve ever had!

DiVino Patio Restaurant Wan Chai 4

Unfortunately the calzone was a let down – too much dough, a very hard outside crust that was too soggy in the middle. It was too wet inside and the ingredients were not spread evenly, the outer pieces didn’t have any ham and were just boring dry. Maybe we should have ordered a pizza instead, but for a calzone I won’t come back again.

Will I go there again? No
, unfortunately three our of four dishes were not that great – and with a bill that came to 920 HKD for four dishes and two glasses of wine, I can have much better Italian food somewhere else (or cook three Secret Ingredient Dinners at home!).

DiVino Patio
Shop 11, 1/F, Causeway Centre (Brim 28), 28 Harbour Road, Wan Chai


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