Occupy Central starts today

Did you notice that many people (not just in HK) started to post their student pictures on Twitter, Facebook and other channels? They are all showing their solidarity with the student protestors, who are now occupying the Central Government Offices at Tamar. Last week students started boycotting classes, there were some 1,200 secondary students on Friday – which is more than the expectation. Initially organisers thought only 100 students would join the strike.

On Friday night, some students have managed to break into Civic Square. Scholarism leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung was arrested and held without bail.

On Saturday, the Occupy Central founders arrived at Tamar to keep the momentum going – and many adults joined the students, including the elderly.

You can find out more about Saturday’s activities by reading Bernice’s blog post about Saturday’s activities over on the Fragrant Harbour.

As Anna said on her blog Journey to Hong Kong: “The Occupy Admiralty movement has happened. Hong Kong is entering a civil disobedience era where people will have to fight the uncivilized and authoritarian rule of the CY Leung and Beijing government without resorting to violence”.

On Sunday morning, Occupy Central leader Benny Tai Yiu-ting announced that Occupy Central starts now (instead of the proposed date of October 1) with two key demands:
(1) Beijing must withdraw its decision on Hong Kong electoral reforms
(2) Restart the electoral reform process. The CY Leung administration has failed in its duties in the political reform process. Leung should re-submit a new political reform report to the central government which fully reflects Hong Kong people’s aspirations for democracy. If Leung refuses to respond, the action will escalate.

On Sunday afternoon, organisers counted 30,000 protestors in Admiralty – Harcourt Road and Gloucester Road are at a standstill in places, as thousands of demonstrators have taken to the main roads.

Here are some pictures from the SCMP and on their website is also a livestream (here) where you can find up to date info about the Occupy Central movement:

Occupy Central Sep 28 from SCMP 1

Occupy Central Sep 28 from SCMP 2

Occupy Central Sep 28 from SCMP 3

If you can’t join the demonstrations in HK today, check out the list of rallies in foreign cities today in support of Hong Kong’s democracy movement. Taipei, Copenhagen, Boston will host demonstrations on Oct 1 and Vancouver on Oct 4:

Occupy Central Sep other cities


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