Tony’s cake for Patrick’s birthday

Happy Birthday Patrick! To celebrate his special day I bought him a cake from Tony Wong’s Patisserie – my birthday cake was from Tony too, and it tasted sooo nice that I was sure Patrick would enjoy it too.

Usually Patrick requests Käsekuchen, but he prefers the German-style, which is hard to find in Hong Kong. You can get lots of rich American or Japanese cheesecakes, but the taste is different. My guess is that the Hong Kong versions don’t use quark (which is a special dairy product – a bit similar to the French fromage frais or Indian paneer. It’s without salt, white, soft and unaged).

But Patrick also loves mango – so that gave me an idea. I asked the team at Tony Wong’s Patisserie if they could create a mango cake – similar to the fruit tarte I had for my birthday. It has a rich buttery base, is filled with sweet custard (but not too sweet) and has lots of fresh fruit on top. On this occasion, lots of fresh mango pieces shaped into rose buds!

Patricks Birthday cake 2014-1

Very creative and clever – needless to say we managed to eat the first half of the cake in one setting! Just the two of us … it is that good!

Patricks Birthday cake 2014-2
Tony’s shops are in Wan Chai, Sha Tin and Kowloon – for me the Wan Chai one is the closest, so that’s the one I go to.

Patisserie Tony Wong
399 Lockhart Road, Wai Chai
Tel. 2575 8993
Open daily from 11am to 9pm

One response to “Tony’s cake for Patrick’s birthday

  1. WoW! this cake is beautiful and I can imagine very tasty! I hope Patrick has a wonderful birthday. I will send him a card from Jacquie Lawson. (Have to find one for a man, that maybe a little difficult, (But I’ll see what I can find.)

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