Seoul: Korean tea drinks

There are so many coffee shops all over Seoul – and there is so much choice! You don’t have to be a coffee lover to visit a coffee shop – there are so many other drinks that you can try in Seoul and South Korea.

Coffee shops in Seoul 2014-1

This time, I skipped all the coffee and tea drinks that I’m already familiar with and went with those that I’ve never had. I didn’t take any pictures, but I’m sure you can picture the drinks (or look them up easily if you are interested).

Yuzu tea: The fruit itself looks like a large tangerine, but has a tart flavour that places it more closely to grapefruit. Koreans preserve thin slices of yuzu in honey or sugar and then drop a tablespoon of the syrup (with the yuzu peel).

Chrysanthemum tea: The white and yellow flowers of the chrysanthemum plant are dried and then steeped in honey for about a month, and then brewed as a tea. Once boiled, you’ll have chrysanthemum flowers swimming in your cup of tea! The tea has a delicate, flowery taste – and is often drunken with a little bit of extra sugar (yes, Koreans like their drinks to be sweet).

Ginger tea: This can be drunken hot in winter, or cold in summer, with ice cubes. Typically, peeled ginger is put into boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes. Then sugar is added, according to taste.

Quince tea: Mogwa is a Chinese quince which yields a tart, sweet brew reminiscent of citrus. It is a little similar to the Yuzu tea. I preferred yuzu (a bit more tart) but if they ran out of it, I would order quince tea!

Coffee shops in Seoul 2014-3

What teas have you tried in South Korea, that you would recommend to me? I’ll try them the next time I’ll visit Seoul!

Coffee shops in Seoul 2014-2


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