Seoul & Photography: People on the Street

One thing that amazed me in Seoul was all the different characters I met on the street – young and old, single people or large groups. It was interesting to watch!

I’ve noticed several people taking selfies – like this group of Korean students together with the Western travellers in Insa-dong.

People in Seoul 2014-1

Actually I should have taken images of people using the selfie sticks they were selling in South Korea – just an arm-long stick to which you could attach your phone and then press the shutter button at the bottom. Those sticks were beststellers all across South Korea… and this couple should have used one, they looked like they were going to drop their phone into the river any time soon!

People in Seoul 2014-2

Talking about phones… it’s crazy to see how many people were just sitting/waiting somewhere and instead of talking to each other, they were occupied with their phones. This is a classic picture that I could have taken at every street corner of Seoul and at every time of the day!

People in Seoul 2014-3

There were some really stylish people around Seoul – and not just young ones. This guy, picking up his cigarettes, looked very interesting too!

People in Seoul 2014-4

Of course, most people dressed for work – and in the case of the chestnut seller, this means a basic checkered shirt, comfortable pants and shoes… there were chestnut sellers all over Seoul and they sold different types of roasted chestnut – they smelled nice, but at temperatures of 22 degrees it was way too hot to start peeling and eating chestnuts. That’s a winter treat for me (to warm your cold hands).

People in Seoul 2014-5

Here’s a picture of a very friendly elderly lady – and I have to admit, everyone we met in Seoul was friendly – even if the person could not talk in English, he/she was waving and smiling at us! We met this lady at the market, she was making handmade fresh noodles, that were cut into pieces – and then just quickly boiled and added to soup. A quick and healthy lunch snack!

People in Seoul 2014-6

Finally, three guys on the subway. Interestingly, the guy on the left didn’t know the guy in the middle. They only met for one stop but the younger man had commented on something the elderly men was wearing (at least that is what I assumed was the centre of conversation) and from there on, the two kept talking for a few minutes, before the guy on the left had to leave the train. An interesting experience, two strangers just chatting happily for a few minutes… but this seems to summarise my encounter with Koreans in South Korea, everyone was happy & friendly!

People in Seoul 2014-7


One response to “Seoul & Photography: People on the Street

  1. The selfie sticks are all over Europe. We were badgered to buy one all the time. We like Korea very much. Jeju is a regular trip for us for R&R and Seoul for shopping (I opt out of that one).

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