South Korea: Train ride from Daegu to Incheon Airport

Taking a Korean train is very efficient – similar to Japanese trains. The only downside is that you can only book trains four weeks in advance of your travel date… so it was a bit difficult to plan for the wedding, but it turned out all fine.

We left Seoul Station in the morning and then travelled comfortably in less than 2 hours to Daegu. On the way back we took the train directly back to Incheon Airport. The ride was 2.5 hours and very comfortable.

Daegu-Seoul Airport Trainride 1

We didn’t even pick first class, just normal class – and it was totally fine. Spacious, comfortable and very fast. I think at one point the speed was around 300 km/h – almost like a Japanese bullet train!

Daegu-Seoul Airport Trainride 2

I enjoyed seeing the Korean landscape – I was surprised how much it resembled Europe. Lots of green vegetation, hills and farms. Also green houses to grow fresh vegetables and fruits (and I’m still surprised that it was hard to buy fresh fruit in Seoul – you either had to go to a market of pay quite a lot!). All that was missing were the castles and medieval houses – all the places we saw were modern and recently built.

Daegu-Seoul Airport Trainride 3

Daegu-Seoul Airport Trainride 4

The landscape changed the closer we got to the airport – there were lots of rivers and bridges. Hardly any houses, just one city that we passed. But lots of open space and empty landscape.

Daegu-Seoul Airport Trainride 5

The final section had lots of small red shrubs – I wonder what that was. It looked like a coral reef, but it was outside the water. So it must have been some shrubs – maybe ones that grow in a swamp? I have no idea, but they look very beautiful, don’t you think?

Daegu-Seoul Airport Trainride 6

Daegu-Seoul Airport Trainride 7


One response to “South Korea: Train ride from Daegu to Incheon Airport

  1. The countryside looks pretty! We were mainly in Seoul and took a train once to go to the old mining villages. That was a horrible ride due to overcrowded-ness on the train.
    Your trainride sounds a lot better;-)

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