The Pawn is reopening… soon

The Pawn in Wan Chai is an institution – not only is the old building famous (more info here), it has been home to a great bar with an amazing balcony, and a good British restaurant one floor up. It was a good place to visit and to relax… but unfortunately it shut its doors in the summer.

Pawn Wan Chai in B&W 2014-2

Ever since then everyone has been wondering what will happen to this bar and restaurant. For a while, the blinds said “It’s not you. It’s me that’s changing”. Those have been removed now, as you can see from the picture I took yesterday, Saturday Oct 25:

Wan Chai The Pawn Oct 2014

On Friday night, Oct 24, I the blinds were up and bodyguards were manning the entrance – a select group of people was able to enter already. I wonder if that was a soft opening already… well, the plans are that The Pawn opens at the end of October, which would mean anytime soon now!

Checking out its Facebook page, it says that the first-floor bars open Monday 27th Oct 6PM and the restaurant is taking reservations for dinner starting Wednesday 29th Oct – it’s chef will be British Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens! Book: / 2866 3444. #imworththewait


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