Foodie Startup Hamper

I’m always keen on trying out new things – especially if they are food related! So when I read about the Foodie Startup Hamper, I was intrigued. Not only does this combine food (which I love) but it also supports small, independent businesses.

Foodie Hamper Oct 2014-1

Every hamper is a limited edition – there are only 100 of each box, which will feature products from 6 different companies. The box/hamper includes a mix of perishable and non-perishable food and drink items, and they will vary from order to order (so you might not receive the same items like I did) – the price is 480 HKD plus delivery, but the actual value is much higher … around 900-1,000HKD!

Foodie Hamper Oct 2014-2

As I was busy travelling, I asked if they could switch out any actual perishable items, so I got a few gift vouchers instead, which is really great – and a good customer service. The goodies came in a bright orange Foodie hamper, which is easy to reuse – not just for picnics but for shopping at the market too!

The products in my hamper included: Products from nood food, which is all about raw food and and juice cleanses. So far I ate the almonds and the Italian crackers, which were both very tasty. I’m not yet sold on the kale crackers, but I’ll try the granola soon – I’m just keeping it for one of those office days when I run out of snacks!

Foodie Hamper Oct 2014-3

Cloud Candy is exactly what it says on the tin – it is light and fluffy candy! I received sea salt and earl grey tea flavours to try, those who know me, know that the earl grey tea favour will be my favourite.

Foodie Hamper Oct 2014-4

My box also included two flavours of ZAVVA shots – but I’m not a shots person, in fact, I hardly drink alcohol. I ‘parked’ them in the office fridge for a Friday afternoon, I’m sure one of my colleagues will be adventurous enough to try Butterscotch & Cream Liqueur or Lemon & Lime Liqueur!

Foodie Hamper Oct 2014-5

Tai Tai Pies is a place I’ve often walked by – it is in walking distance to our office and my flat in Wan Chai. Their pies were not included in my package (as those were perishable) but I’m really intrigued and will spend my voucher soon. I had read lots of good reviews about Chef R.J. Asher and his sweet and savoury pies – now I just need to decide which ones to try first… the pecan pie or the asparagus cheddary quiche?

Foodie Hamper Oct 2014-6

Piazza Grande connects Hong Kong foodies to small Italian producers and in my case this translated into truffles tagliolini, mushroom cream and a mixed berry jam. That’s a good choice, I like all three – just not together. Let’s try and see if we can have some pasta the coming weekend, while I stir some jam in my breakfast yoghurt at work.

Foodie Hamper Oct 2014-7

Finally, five different drinks brewed/mixed by Bom Carma – an Australian brand. Some bitter lemon, ginger ale, coke and other sparkling drinks. I’ve only tried the black currant so far and it was a nice mix of sweetness and tartness, so thumps up from me!

Foodie Hamper Oct 2014-8

I’ve not tried all products yet – but so far I’m very happy with the tasty nood food, cloud candy and the black currant drinks. I’m not too fussed about the alcoholic shots and in hindsight should have replaced them with other items… but that’s just my personal taste.

I’m keen how this project will develop – I think it’s a good initiative and encourages me to try out startups that I might otherwise not have heard about (e.g. Piazza Grande). What is your take on this?


2 responses to “Foodie Startup Hamper

  1. Ooh, my mouth is watering! We’ve had some tai tai pies from time to time, they’re pretty good! I must get my husband to pick up some more soon…

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