Comics by Liz Climo

This post is not related to Hong Kong in any way… it is just that I really love the work of comic writer called Liz Climo and I hang out on her tumblr page almost every day to check if she’s published anything new.

Liz Climo - Ants

Her animal characters are dead cute – she features grizzly bears, dinosaurs, rabbits, sharks, turtles, anteaters and man more that grapple with everyday life.

Liz Climo - Cold

I love all the little stories that come in two windows, one strip at the top and one at the bottom. The change from one window to another is often just small, but significant.

Liz Climo - Exercise

She is a really talented animator – and in her daytime she works on The Simpsons TV-show, so she’s got real talent.

Liz Climo - Paper Stone Scissors

But it’s the comics she draws in her spare time, which really stand out for me – and often make my day!

Liz Climo - Halloween

I featured a few of my favourite comics in this post – of course, all rights belong to Liz Climo and if you want to have her friends at your home, check out her latest book and prints she sells online.

Liz Climo - Party

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