Petition: No cars on Bowen Road

Hikers and Non-hikers, please unite! One of the most convenient hiking/running routes in the city is in danger.

Bowen Road is a 4km road, which runs from Magazine Gap Road in the West to Stubbs Road in the East. It is flat, easy to access and what makes it nice is that it is a tree-lined route with a great view over the city.

When you are on the road, you are immersed in a whole other world, with jungles, vistas, woods. It’s a little paradise just above the loud city life below.

Bowen Road

There are just very few (and expensive) houses along this lane, but hundreds if not thousands of joggers, hikers and dog walkers ever day. However, one of the people living on the road has put a request forward to open the road up for traffic – so he/she can easily call a cab or park his big car on the road (I’m assuming we’re talking about a rich person, living on THAT road).

The town planning board refused the application of vehicular access to Bowen Road on 12 September 2014 and, the applicant requested for a review of the refusal… And what is where you can help! We need to reiterate our objections about the proposed vehicular access to Bowen Road.

Please express your support by signing the letter drafted by Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong:

Letter in English:
Letter in Chinese:

And if you care to find out a little bit more about Bowen Road: The road was named after George Ferguson Bowen, the 9th Governor of Hong Kong, from 1883 to 1885. As Hong Kong lacked fresh water at that time, Tai Tam Reservoir was built in Tai Tam Valley. An aqueduct was built to transfer from Tai Tam to Central via Wong Nai Chung Gap and Happy Valley. Later Bowen Road was built on top of the aqueducts.


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