Umbrella Revolution in Admiralty

On Sunday I had visited the umbrella movement in Admiralty – and there was lots more going on than at the site in Causeway Bay. It might have changed a little now, given that the bailiffs have removed some barriers and tents around the Citic tower, after courts granted an injunction – but judging from pictures on SCMP and blog posts from yesterday, pretty much is still the same.

Umbrella Revolution Admiralty Nov 2014 4

Many people sat inside and outside the tents, either chatting with each other, working on some homework or creating artwork – and there were a few giving speeches and discussing things among each other (they spoke in Cantonese, so I’m not sure what they were talking about).

Umbrella Revolution Admiralty Nov 2014 2

Umbrella Revolution Admiralty Nov 2014 3

It was an interesting atmosphere – filled with lots of different people, young and adult, kids and students, grand parents and a few Westerners mixed in between.

There were are few people with yellow ribbons (on their clothing, backpacks and other bags, etc.) – but actually I noticed that the people in the protest areas are not wearing yellow ribbons that much (but you see quite a lot of black clothes).

Umbrella Revolution Admiralty Nov 2014 1

But there are definitely more black/yellow colours than blue. The last few days I’ve not seen any anti-Occupy blue ribbons. Actually since they’ve completed the ‘Support our Police campaign’ (which was just a masquerade for an anti-Occupy campaign) all the blue ribbons and signs disappeared again.

I guess, if you go for those that have the longer breath, it’s definitely the yellow ribbon guys… I can’t believe that they have managed to keep these sites and roads blocked for seven weeks (and still counting). Personally I congratulate them and I don’t mind that buses/mini-buses on the island now have to take a different route – I don’t think that’s such a huge inconvenience as some people claim.

Umbrella Revolution Admiralty Nov 2014 5

Umbrella Revolution Admiralty Nov 2014 6

Plus, the nice side effect is: when would you ever have been able to walk on this crazy busy street on a Sunday afternoon? Never. That’s for sure. Cars and buses usually rule this part of the city and it is noisy and polluted – maybe they should turn this part into a park and have the traffic run underneath?!

Umbrella Revolution Admiralty Nov 2014 7

Umbrella Revolution Admiralty Nov 2014 8

But I guess, that’s all history for now – given that most of the tents have been cleared away since yesterday, following a court order.


2 responses to “Umbrella Revolution in Admiralty

  1. Hi there —

    Am glad you went there and had a look for yourself. It’s quite the pleasant and mellow scene, isn’t it?

    And, actually, most of the tents at Admiralty should still be there. Only a very small section of the protest area was cleared yesterday.

    Oh, and thanks for the link! :)

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